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Since March 2023, Luke Archer holds a database of clientele we produce pieces for. We hold information of whom commissioned the piece, when they commissioned the piece and country of which the piece was sent to.


All pieces produced are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate confirms that the piece you have acquired conforms to our undeniable quality and craftsmanship, both in design and in the construction of the item.

Each piece we produce contains its own unique serial number, which is also contained on the Certificate of Authenticity supplied with your commission. it's from this this serial number that we can divulge the date in which the garment was produced, and to whom it was commissioned by, using the details we hold on our records.  

Please kindly take note that at any time, should you wish to verify your piece, you may contact us, supplying a photo of your piece and its serial number. Please be advised that should you wish to receive a replacement certificate, there is s small charge for this and if you are not the original purchaser, we would not be able to disclose the original clients name in our response.

Ready-to-Wear pieces are not supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity and you should refer to the documentation supplied with your purchase. 

The ‘Luke Archer’ logo and the ‘LA emblem’ is a trademark of Luke Archer Limited. Copying, reproduction or reprinting is prohibited.  

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